Sort, group, filter, display your files as you wish in gallery app.


The app provides an advanced photo editor to edit photos.


Personalize your experience by changing any app color.


The app provides an advanced security feature to protect your Media.

Awesome Gallery Features


Gallery allows you to personalize theme according to your need.


You can filter Gallery Photos and Gallery Video by your own convenience.


You can sort photos and video by date, time, alphabet and many other ways.


Gallery provides extensive security feature to protect your media.

Hidden Folder

Hidden folder help you to secure your private media from others.

Manage Media

You can manage media in many ways. like you can change the layout of appearance.

This Gallery App help to Manage all media for You

Photo Gallery App with Smart Gallery has one of the most feature-rich Photo Manager apps out there. Gallery Lock and Gallery Photos support almost all the different image and video and Photo Album files

  1. Gallery also provides Gallery vault and Gallery lock.
  2. Gallery 2021 is simple, fast and light gallery for your Android Phone
  3. Photo Gallery 2021 Best way to organize your photos.


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Work faster with powerful filters & Sorting with this app

Sort, group, filter, display your files as you wish. There are many available settings at your service that really give you a lot of control over the overall experience.

  1. Your app will be used to sort's your media files.
  2. Your app will be used to filter's your media files
  3. Gallery supports many types of files, from JPEGs to PNGs, GIFs and more that you can filter and sort.
  4. Photo app will look, feel and work just the way you want it to.

This Gallery App is available for all devices.
i.e, Android devices

* Available on all Android devices.

App Screenshots

Here is the screenshots of the gallery app. To get the idea how it look and feature has this Gallery app.

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